"Life is too short, so we should enjoy the journey, share with others and  leave something to show we were here."

Theo Haralampou


The Commissioner's Award for Excellence

Upcoming presentations

        Wednesday 13 September from 9am to 12md AEST on my Woodturning Channel

                                                                           on Twitch TV

        Saturday 16 September from 9am to 12 md AEST on the Woodworking Masterclass Channel 

                                                                           on Twitch TV

       Tuesday 19 September from 9am to 12md AEST on my Woodturning Channel

                                                                           on Twitch TV

        27, 28 & 29 October 2017        Canberra - Timber & Working With Wood Show


       23, 24 & 25 March 2018             Gold Coast - Turnfest 2018