"Life is too short, so we should enjoy the journey, share with others and  leave something to show we were here."

Theo Haralampou


The Commissioner's Award for Excellence

Upcoming presentations in 2016

         February 13                   Carbatec Brisbane - Bowl design, wood characteristics, blank                                                                                     preparation,  gouge design, sharpening, chainsaw and band saw work,                                                                roughing blanks.          

         February 27                   Carbatec Brisbane - Remounting and hollowing techniques  

         March 12                         Carbatec Brisbane - Hiding or enhancing cracks, splits and knots.

March 18 -20                 Newcastle Timber & working  with Wood Show

March 26                        Carbatec Brisbane - Power sanding and finishes for bowls

April 9                              Carbatec Brisbane - Spindle turning basics

April 23                           Carbatec Brisbane - Spindle turning advanced

May 7                               Carbatec Brisbane - Off-centre work

May 21                             Carbatec Brisbane - Captured rings and textures and effects

May 27-29                      Brisbane Timber & working with Wood Show

Jun 18                             Carbatec Brisbane - The triumphs and pitfalls of pen making

June 24 - 26                  Sydney  - Timber & Working With Wood Show

July 2                               Carbatec Brisbane - Turned wooden boxes including a rainbow lidded                                                           box for the tooth fairy and Japanese top box.

         July 16                             Carbatec Brisbane - Fence post turnings and natural edge vessels

         July 30                             Carbatec Brisbane  - Turning large platters

         August 13                       Carbatec Brisbane - Pot-pourri bowls and perfume vessels

         August 27                       Carbatec Brisbane - Turning coloured flowers, mushrooms and natural                                                                     edge bowls

         September 9 -11         Melbourne Timber & working with Wood Show

         September 24              Carbatec Brisbane - Nut cracker platter

         October 8                       Carbatec Brisbane - Turning spheres and clocks

         November 4 -6             Canberra - Timber & Working With Wood Show

         November 12                Carbatec Brisbane - Turning hand casting fishing reels

         November 26               Carbatec Brisbane - Kit projects - perfume atomiser, toothpick holder and                                                              shaving  brush

          November 27               Art in Wood - Bayside Woodturners an Woodcrafters - Lions Hall

                                                     Shore St Cleveland     9am to 11:30am

        December 10                 Carbatec Brisbane  - Xmas projects including colourful trees, bells and                                                                      baubles

                                                                   MERRY XMAS and a HAPPY 2017